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Website development can often feel like a daunting task, but a good consultant or web developer will take the stress off by walking you through the entire website development process. Your website is your most valuable online real estate, and is often the first thing that your online visitors see, making it a crucial component in your overall Internet marketing strategy. The look and feel of your website development project – whether you are building a full website or a simple landing page – must reflect your brand, maintaining the same professional image.

Website Development – Conversion Design

The most beautiful website in the world designed by the best website designer, will do you no good if it doesn’t convert visitors. Converting visitors is simply the act of getting them to take a predetermined action (i.e.: download a document, fill out a form, make a purchase, etc.).  We will guide you on how to use strong calls to action, follow conversion best practices, and will analyze, test, and tweak the design to optimize your return on investment.


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Landing Pages

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Social Media

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Social Media Marketing – Create Value, Engage, and Be Human

Consumers need a reason to follow your social media marketing campaigns – whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or some obscure social media channel specific to your target demographic. They need to know they will get real content, not just self-promotion and spam. Engage in a conversation with your visitors. It’s okay to automate some of your content, but not all. If your followers suspect that your social media channel is not maintained by an actual human, they won’t stick around. And while you’re being human, if your company makes a mistake – own it. Don’t hide from it or make excuses. Provide an honest apology and move on. This is one of the biggest mistakes companies make in their social media marketing strategies.

Consumers are more tech-savvy than ever before, and in a 21st century world, the kind of authority, trust, and expertise demonstrated via social media channels is invaluable.


red dividerThe search engine optimization (SEO) industry is competitive with numerous SEO companies promising to provide the best services. However, there is a significant  difference between promises and actual results. We are happy to provide case studies of our actual results.

Since the livelihood of your business is at risk, we know that working with the best Search engine optimization team is of the highest importance to you.

Complete Audit & Organic Search Strategy

  • Post Analysis Internet Marketing Consulting Session
  • On Page SEO Technical Audit & Strategy Creation
  • Content Strategy Audit & Recommendations
  • User Behavior & Conversion Analysis
  • Backlink Audit & Strategy Creation
  • Exploratory Meeting

Panda Update Recovery Roadmap

  • Design Illustration of User Behavior Recommendations
  • Post Analysis Internet Marketing Consulting Session
  • Technical Content Audit
  • User Behavior Analysis, Using Clicktale
  • Exploratory Meeting
  • Analytics Analysis

Penguin Update Recovery Roadmap

  • Post Analysis Internet Marketing Consulting Session
  • Post Penguin Strategy
  • Backlink Audit

SEO Competitive Analysis

  • Post Analysis Internet Marketing Consulting Session
  • Competitor On page and Content Strategy Profiling
  • Competitor Backlink Profiling
  • Aggregate Strategic Roadmap


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Generate more targeted leads to your business with our managed Pay Per Click (PPC) Online Marketing Service which includes: qualified leads to drive potential customers to your website and ongoing campaign optimization that works with your budget.

Directory Listings

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What are Directories?
Directories are human-edited search properties. Because the sites in a Directory are reviewed by people and compiled by subject category, they are considered a relevant, focused and topic specific source of credible information.A web directory is not a search engine, and does not display web pages based on keywords, instead listing web pages in convenient categories and subcategories. Well known web directories include the Yahoo! Directory, Look Smart, and the Open Directory Project (ODP). ODP is an important player in the directory market, perhaps because of its open content approach to editorial review and its use by Google. Zeal, Looksmart’s volunteer-run directory closed in March 2006.
A debate over quality in directories and databases continues, as search engines use ODP’s content without real integration, and some experiment using clustering. There have been many attempts to make directory development easier, whether using a “links for all” type link submission site using a script, or any number of available PHP portals and programs. Recently, social software techniques have spawned new efforts of categorization, with adding tagging to their product pages.Human-edited directories
A human-edited directory is created and maintained by editors who add links to their directory, which is organized into separate pages for categories and sub-categories.There are different types of link submissions that can be submitted for review:
  • Paid Submissions – a fee is charged for reviewing the submitted link
  • Reciprocal Link – the site submitted must link back to the directory in order to be listed
  • Free Submission – there is no charge for review of the site
  • No Follow – there is a “no follow” tag associated with the link, meaning search engines will not follow the link
  • Featured Link – the link is given a premium position in the category where is is submitted
  • Featured Homepage Link – the link may be listed on the homepage of the directory.

Some directories are general in focus, and list all links, while others may only focus on a niche. People who are in the directory industry often classify directories as either general directories or niche directories.
Directories have become quite popular, because people who engage in search engine optimization like to increase the number of links pointing to their site, and submitting to directories is one method for obtaining more links.
Human-edited directories are often targeted as part of a strategy for being indexed in the major search engines. The idea being that a new site needs to quickly build inbound links from reputable sources in order to have higher rankings within search engine results.
Nevertheless, the directories may prevent search engines from rating a displayed link, by using redirects, no-follow attribute and other techniques.

What are the benefits of submitting to Directories?
There are so many criterions that search engines follow to determine a site’s rank for certain key or search words. One of these includes links to the site. The page rank of a site is directly related to the number of links it has. The more links you have pointed to your site, with some variation of the key phrase you want to rank high for, the better ranking in the search engines you will receive.
Relationship between directory submissions and search engine rankings
One way links and search engine rankings have a great cause and effect relationship. Think of it as a business referral system. The business with the more referrals is most popular and hence, search engines rank them higher. The reason behind it, as many put it, is that the more links you have, higher are the chances of a visitor coming to your site through these links!
Again, the search engines send out spiders to the links they find in the directory pages. This will bring the search engine spiders to your site and will get your site pages added to the search engines indexes automatically

Link Building

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A backlink is simply a hyperlink coming from a website and pointing to your website. Visitors can click that hyperlink and be directed to your website. Backlinks help your website’s search engine rankings. The pages in which your backlink is placed has a PageRank 5 or higher.

To improve the search engine ranking of your website it is important to get as many one-way links to your site as possible. The more one-way links with niche keywords, the higher your search engine rankings will be.

Building a one-way link is time consuming. Now you can get hundreds of links coming back to your site for your niche keyword with our complete link building package. The package includes Directory Submission, Article Submission, Social Bookmaking, Local Directories Submission and Forum/Blog Postings.

Article Submissions

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Article Writing and Distribution / Guaranteed back links

Not many people realize how many businesses have succeeded through article submission. We are not just referring to online businesses, but those which are operating offline as well. Several magazines publish articles about the history of a company, its goals and achievements and the services they offer. Some of these articles are reviews; others are created by content writers by the company itself and are submitted to the magazine and used as an advertising campaign. That is the same idea used with content writing for the internet. There are certain things to look for since articles rank higher in search engines. The most important aspect of content is of course the keyword density.  Google, Yahoo and other search engines always notice the fresh content and when you submit fresh content all the time, you increase the chances for your website to rank higher in the search engines.

Why Articles?

Writing articles is the most popular marketing method. Articles help establish you (and logic follows, your web site) as a recognized “authority” about the information you provide. Articles also provide perpetual backlinking to your web site – yes forever!

Have you heard of the “solo ad?” In cold marketing, the solo ad is a standalone advertisement about what you have to offer. The solo ad is sent to a mailing list, either acted upon or not, and eventually deleted from the receiver’s inbox. A solo ad’s only purpose is to get an unsuspecting reader to click through to your web site. We say unsuspecting because… they are. Any time you strictly “advertise” the recipient has no idea you are about to contact him or her. Each time is like a cold slap in the face hoping to get the intended reaction… a visit to your web site.

Articles are an art form! First and foremost, your original articles must be informative, perhaps entertaining, with proper punctuation, grammar usage, spelling, the works. What your article cannot be is an advertisement. No one wants to head to an article directory in the hopes of finding pertinent information only to find your ad. In fact, 99.9% of the article directories on the web will NOT accept blatant advertising (and that 0.1% you wouldn’t want to post to anyway).

As stated, there is an art to writing articles. You must know your subject – actually be able to write about a broad range of subjects for maximum “expert” status – and you must know the proper balance within your article to ensure it does its job… send traffic to your web site! In addition, you cannot write just one article and believe “that takes care of that!” Marketing online doesn’t work that way… Marketing offline doesn’t work that way!

Thought Leader Program

red dividerAre you a Thought Leader?… You Are Now!

CK Online Marketing’s Thought Leader Program provides agency representation to niche experts and leaders who are interested in getting published to grow their online presence, brand awareness, audience and authority.

We have relationships with over 3,000 top online publishers, and we know how to get you in the door. This provides you the opportunity to rapidly grow your personal brand and meet your goals by leveraging the credibility and the audience of these leading information sources.

For one low monthly fee, our Thought Leader writers will do two 15-minute interviews with you each month.  They will use these interviews to craft articles designed for specific online publications in your niche, making the content development process easy and enjoyable! In return, you will get two high-profile article placements per month, with powerful back-links to your site.

  Here are a few of the benefits of getting published:

  • Improves personal and company brand
  • Creates a platform for your message
  • Builds a larger audience
  • Makes you THE AUTHORITY in your market
  • Drives quality traffic to your site
  • Helps SEO due to the high-ranking links from the article back to your site
  • Boosts conversions by building strong credibility and trust
  • Our writers do the work for you!

 Imagine how opt-ins and conversions would soar if your site had a credibility bar like this:


Reputation Repair

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Reputation Management is the response to reputation damaging information. Bad postings, negative feedback in blogs, horrible testimonials in popular forums, unrealistic scam allegations and product reviews from false users can potentially put a company out of business.

A single negative link under your company name can destroy profits without the proper reputation management.

If this link is smearing your good reputation in the first results pages and you have no reputation management action, you can be sure it will cause you more than just a headache. To give you an idea of where Reputation Management is needed, picture customers searching for your company’s relevant keywords and being faced with negative words just next to your company or products names in the first results page.

Reputation Management will assure that potential customers have an excellent first impression of your company. Remember, without any Reputation Management these shocking negative posts can end up doing a lot of damage to your company’s reputation. Online Reputation Management is the response for any company to overcome this damaging information. More than erasing information from the first result pages of the most popular search engines, Online Reputation Management establishes other unexplored information gateways between the company and customers.

The Campaign: We scour the first 10 pages of results across all major search engines to analyze the existing sites. We tag each listing as positive, negative or neutral and develop your campaign around these results. We actively promote the existing good sites using our in house SEO experts. In addition we create social profiles, micro sites and build positive content around your keywords.

Yelp Reviews have a natural bias � people like to complain!
Most sites like Rip Off Report, Yelp, Complaints Board are not “review websites”, they are sites where people like to vent. Excluding the hard-core Yelpers that do well, most people go there to talk about a bad experience because for the most part people expect a good experience, which is what they are paying for after all.

Even winning a lawsuit won’t take down defamatory content.
This just shows you the serious nature of defamatory content online and how worried you should be about it. A married couple was bashed by a disgruntled family member. They won an injunction in court, but they still cannot get the slander removed from rip off report. The problem is that the person who wrote the comments are liable, not the website.

Media Buys

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Conversion optimization

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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing — Still an Effective, Affordable Solution

If you are looking for an inexpensive and powerful way to reach and engage your customers, email marketing can be an excellent addition to your overall Internet marketing strategy.

Email marketing allows you to reach out to your customers with what remains one of the most popular and widely used communication tools. Despite the growing use of social media, email is still widely used by most demographics. Through email lists pulled from your customer accounts or from special opt-in subscriptions, email can reach both current and potential customers to inform them about special offers, new products and services, company news, information relevant to them, and more.

The Advantages of Email Marketing

  • A cost-effective channel to communicate directly with your clients
  • Enhanced market penetration and branding
  • Sales revenue generation through special offers, product features, and more
  • Targeted website traffic resulting in increased visitor conversions
  • Integration of your other online marketing strategies
  • A scalable and traceable solution for optimizing your ROI
  • Detailed web analytics, split testing, reporting, and consulting